Friday, November 30, 2012

I've been tagged!

Oh dear, oh dear me.. it seems I have been recently tagged in a post that may be leading good readers to my little corner of the woods.

If you have stumbled onto The Elusive Muse, either through dumb luck or through Avery Tingle's recent shout-out, let me welcome you. This is not a professional portfolio, rather it is a space in which I can think out loud. I throw up concept art, story excerpts, ideological rants and the occasional whimsical anecdote. Not all of the ideas I present are seen through to any kind of completion. Some are forgotten or cast aside, or put on hold pending some decision or further explanation.

I welcome and encourage feedback and criticism - and I can honestly say that I can take honest critique. I have a thick skin, so let me have it. The good (if any), the bad (which is plentiful) and everything in between. It helps guide what I do next; if people respond well to a certain character or story or format, I will be more likely to continue to write in that style. Similarly I would be open to ideas or suggestions of what to write next. Writing prompts, ideas, "what if" scenarios with characters I have presented, or questions about the worlds and personalities I have created.

Due to a demanding work schedule I am not likely to post on a daily basis, but I do check any comments or responses I get regularly and, if there is apparent interest, I will work on updating this more regularly. It was initially merely a space in which I can be creative and get something down on paper, but if people seem to enjoy it I would certainly devote more time to doing it properly.

Also, if you came across here from some other means and were not referred by Avery, be sure to check out his Idea Lounge which is basically what I am doing, only better. He is also published, which means he gets the right to act superior and pretentious because he is, by definition, an Author whereas I am simply an Occasionally-Writes-Now-And-Then until I get this mess in some kind of order.

Anyway, I thought I should throw something up here in case people come across Avery's link, notice the relative lack of updates recently and decide to move on. Stay your mouse-clicking hand, internet traveler! There is hope for me yet!

I'll update this soon as I can - and hopefully with more stories.


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